Other Stuff I Do


My first screenplay, One of the Boys, placed in the top ten percent of The 2016 Nichols Awards, the semi-finals of the 2016 Final Draft Screenwriting Competition, and the Finals (i.e. my script was in the final 10 in drama out of 7,000) in the 2016 Page International Screenwriting Competiton. And it’s based on a true story, which is a chapter in my memoir.

Tinder Profile/Dating Coach

Sounds crazy, right? But people actually pay me to help them stay away from psychos (male or female) in the online dating world. So many of my female friends miss key red flags in guys’ profiles or in their messages. And so many of my awesome guy friends look like douchebags or ax murders in their profiles cuz they don’t understand how women read subtext. So I started helping them and then it just branched out into helping anyone who needs my help (unless I get the sense you’re an actual psycho, then I won’t help you not look like one). Email askhamlett@gmail.com for more info.

Story Editor

As you can tell from my careless grammar and spelling mistakes, I’m not a copy-editor. But I am excellent at story—character development, story arcs, infusing humor, etc. I give brutally honest feedback, but having someone do that for me is what made my shit good. Since October I’ve story edited two novels and I just love doing it. It’s fun for me to throw myself into someone else’s stories instead of my own. If you need a critical eye to look at your book or screenplay or you need someone to help you hash out story beats (and kill your darlings) before you jump right in, email me at askhamlett@gmail.com.

Reality Star (I hate myself) on National Geographic

I was on National Geographic’s show, Brain Games- Survival Episode in February

Here’s a link to the episode

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