Story/Pitching Coach

Are you someone who:

  • has always wanted to write for publications and have no f’n clue how to get started?
  • has wanted to go up at The Moth or any storytelling show and have no idea how to do that?
  • are an experienced writer/storyteller who needs solid feedback on their stories, written or for the stage, before you hit send or get behind that mic?
  • Are about to turn in a final draft and want a professional set of eyes on it so you feel more confident and/or don’t look like a jackass. (I still pay people to look at my shit y’all and I’m well established?
  • have a story ready to go and don’t know where to pitch it or how to pitch it?
  • need to “kill some darlings” but don’t’ want to kill the wrong ones?
  • or just need overall help with this shit cuz we all need help to make it in this biz?

Well, I’m here to help. I charge $50/hour for my services.

That might sound scary but I am self-taught and spent hundreds of hours researching this shit and teaching myself and I wish I hadn’t. Cuz my career took way too long to get off the ground. Let me save you time so you can get results way faster than I did.

I know my shit y’all. I’m fun to work with. I’m brutally honest but I won’t make you feel bad. We’re all vulnerable artists and we don’t’ need bullies. But also, without help, we are bound to make asses of ourselves. Let me help you avoid that!

Email me at to set up a time. I can chat for 10 minutes before you commit to the hour so you feel more confident in all this. I know it’s hard to invest in your artist’s life but it’s so worth it.