Turning 39 is a bitch! 

My 20’s were about exploring my options and trying to figure out what all I could do and who the hell I was. I’m pretty clear on all that now and, after a shit ton of work, I really like myself finally. It was also a time when it was totally okay to be lost…

VIDEO: Caving 

I wish I had gotten the tarantula on film but it was too dark. Also, I apparently talk only in dumb accents in caves. Oh yeah, and that person doing the Nell impression was me. (Joshua Tree, CA)

VIDEO: The Best Costume Ever

    All my old coworkers (who lived in their cars with me back in the day) threw a costume party out in the desert. My favorite part was Zoltar. I went as “Hilary Clinton Beaten To A Pulp By the Media” cuz I will always defend the way we treat women, regardless of their…

VIDEO: The Naked Bookseller

  (Quartzite, AZ) I met a little old man yesterday who wears a sock on his penis and sells books and makes no money even thought he’s kinda famous for being a little old naked man who sells books and wears a penis sock. He is the coolest cat ever and I love his spirit….

VIDEO: Fly Chi

One thing I miss about this exhausting job is the people that make it all worth it. Matt and I cooked burgers for 200 people Wednesay night and it was more fun than you can imagine. (He’s trying to keep flies away) Colorado River, California

Me and My Pops

Several years ago, when I was kinda-sorta dating this guy in Argentina, he told me he’d chosen this shittier, more expensive apartment than a better one up the hill cuz the  one up the hill would’ve been harder for his dad to walk up to during visits. I laughed at this story because it blew…