Photos from my newest bonkers story for The Daily Beast

  This story is such a Mélanie story. Totally crazy, funny, a tiny bit scary, and full of sex and life lessons     One of the many instruments Hippy Doctor had My beloved Firecracker Shucking corn or something? I don’t even know what I did. I just went along with it. scenes from the…

Madrid: Drama between performance artists 

These street performers crack me up. Tigger was overheating in that costume. But there also seemed to be some tension between him and Dora. She was totally blowing him off lol. Also, the guy with no head- clever. I gave him money. 

This amazing town in Portugal 

​ ​​ I’m so in love with this little food truck. Watch it struggle up the hill lol ​​ I laughed at this when I came across it. Dogs humping always cracks me up. But when I realized the little scrappy one was jumping a 3-legged one, I about died. I love how she just…

Valencia, Spain: I’m a really bad tourist 

   I stayed inside all day yesterday except to eat. After exhausting myself for days on end, I got to the point where I heard myself say “oh great. Another fucking pretty crutch. Whoopeeee.” I don’t like that I have this attitude! But I’m used to spending longer periods of time in a few places…

A man in Athens who made our day 

   The owner of this restaurant in Athens was really good to my stepmom’s brother a few months back, so we decided to get dinner there last night. When we showed up and told him her brother sent us, he hugged and kissed us and said her brother was a really good man. He even…

Me and My Boo

Literally the first thing I did when I got off the plane. I think I made him blush. That or he felt sorry for me. Actually I think it’s the latter. Nashville, TN

VIDEO: How hippies who live in their cars stay pretty

  After a week on the river with kids, we relaxed at this random lake beach and played ball and set up a barber shop. I don’t live in my car anymore and I’m glad I don’t, it it sure I nice going back and hanging with people who do, like the good old days….