New episode of Smashing Stories w/ Baron Vaughn!

New episode of Smashing Stories is up! In this one I have Baron Vaughn, one of the funniest comedians I know and also the star of one of my favorite shows, Grace and Frankie (he’s also in Netflix’s new Mystery Science Theater 3000!). This was one of the most thought-provoking conversations I’ve had with anyone…

Episode 2 of my new podcast is up (w/Brock Wilbur!)

Episode 2 (with comedic genius, Brock Wilbur) Melanie goes high and low-brow with Brock Wilbur, discussing their changing POV and its impact on the biggest stories of their lives. The low-brow? The true meaning of “donkey punch”!

I’m the guest on Hatedate’s podcast this week 

Click here for the link  I’m the guest on this episode of Linda Bailey Walsh’s Hatedate podcast. I had no idea where this interview was gonna go but I rolled with it and Linda ended up having me talk about clowns and tindr and how to respect yourself in bed. Super fun show!

PODCAST: The Most Important Story I’ve Ever Told

My domestic violence story just came out today on Risk! They dedicated the whole hour to my story (instead of having four performers like usual)  cuz Kevin is awesome and he thought this story might help a lot of people (it’s funny though I swear!). This right here is the real Melanie Hamlett. This is…