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Even Santa is a Protester

I asked Santa for Health Insurance for Christmas. He said Ok!

(Zuccotti Park, NYC)

My New Favorite Sign From Occupy Wall Street

32,000 people showed up yesterday alongside me to send a message to Bloomberg and his chronies.


Me and My New BFF, Don King

(A few occupiers were not so happy to see old Donny-boy. They were like “fuck you Don King! You just want publicity! What do you do for your community and your brothers and sisters? NOTHING. You just care about money and making money off the black man.” However, most folks down here are just happy that any celebrities gives a crap about OWS)

Occupy Wall Street, NYC

One of the Signs in the Sleeping Section at Occupy Wall Street

(Liberty Park, NYC)

Alien Invasion At Occupy Wall Street

(photo taken while we occupied Washington Square Park on October 15th)

Occupy Wall Street Is Like One Giant Slumber Party in the Middle of Manhattan

If Fox News gets a hold of this picture, they will say it’s one big orgy going down there I’m sure. But in all seriousness, these folks have been camped out for almost four weeks now. Dancing to bongo drums, having their faces painted, and rubbing each other’s back are only a few of the things that keep their spirits up.

(New York, NY)

Even Cops Need Hugs

This guy at Occupy Wall Street really wanted to make nice with the cops

The cops weren’t all that interested in being his friend though. This one refused his offer for “free hugs.”

However, when I asked if I could get a hug from the guy with the sign, we embraced. One of the cops said “HEY! She ain’t a cop!” I bet if these cops weren’t on duty, they would totally hug this guy.