Even Cops Need Hugs

This guy at Occupy Wall Street really wanted to make nice with the cops The cops weren’t all that interested in being his friend though. This one refused his offer for “free hugs.” However, when I asked if I could get a hug from the guy with the sign, we embraced. One of the cops…

Other Demands of the Occupy Wall Streeters

Right after I took this picture, a huge halal dinner arrived! People from all over the country have been donating food to the folks living down at Occupy Wall Street. Pizza gets old though. Donate here if you’d like to help feed the folks fighting on behalf of us 99%’ers.

Bored To Death

I think people working at subway stations are either aspiring artists, really bored, or both. Like this guy who makes his own signs out of tape and draws pretty pictures or this guy who makes origami out of subway tickets.

Favorite Church Sign of the Week

I can’t remember which state I saw this sign, but I can guarantee it was in the South. Will the government bail out God if necessary, though?