Photos from my newest bonkers story for The Daily Beast

  This story is such a Mélanie story. Totally crazy, funny, a tiny bit scary, and full of sex and life lessons     One of the many instruments Hippy Doctor had My beloved Firecracker Shucking corn or something? I don’t even know what I did. I just went along with it. scenes from the…

Madrid: Drama between performance artists 

These street performers crack me up. Tigger was overheating in that costume. But there also seemed to be some tension between him and Dora. She was totally blowing him off lol. Also, the guy with no head- clever. I gave him money. 

Valencia, Spain: I’m a really bad tourist 

   I stayed inside all day yesterday except to eat. After exhausting myself for days on end, I got to the point where I heard myself say “oh great. Another fucking pretty crutch. Whoopeeee.” I don’t like that I have this attitude! But I’m used to spending longer periods of time in a few places…

New episode of Smashing Stories w/ Baron Vaughn!

New episode of Smashing Stories is up! In this one I have Baron Vaughn, one of the funniest comedians I know and also the star of one of my favorite shows, Grace and Frankie (he’s also in Netflix’s new Mystery Science Theater 3000!). This was one of the most thought-provoking conversations I’ve had with anyone…

Episode 2 of my new podcast is up (w/Brock Wilbur!)

Episode 2 (with comedic genius, Brock Wilbur) Melanie goes high and low-brow with Brock Wilbur, discussing their changing POV and its impact on the biggest stories of their lives. The low-brow? The true meaning of “donkey punch”!