Smashing Stories


So, just like everyone else, I have a podcast!


Join me and other comedians, storytellers, writers, actors, filmmakers, and songwriters as we tell the stories behind the stories we tell and call ourselves out on our bullshit.


Episode 1 (with author and Moth host, David Crabb)

David Crabb (author, “Bad Kid” and Moth host) confronts Melanie about using men for sex! Melanie digs deep into David’s “gay goth kid” past and his evolving family relationships

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Episode 2 (with comedic genius, Brock Wilbur)

Melanie goes high and low-brow with Brock Wilbur, discussing their changing POV and its impact on the biggest stories of their lives. The low-brow? The true meaning of “donkey punch”!

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