My Best Risk! story

(which had almost 2 million downloads)

My funny/not funny domestic violence story just came out on Risk! They dedicated the whole hour to my story instead of having four performers cuz Kevin is awesome and because this story is fucking nuts. This is the real Melanie. This is not me on stage trying to make people laugh (though the story is

This is the real Melanie Hamlett right here. This is not me on stage trying to make people laugh or hiding behind jokes (though the story is pretty funny, believe it or not). This is me opening up my heart and telling the most personal story I have to a million listeners the way I would tell it to a friend. Or how I would write it. If you like it and/or know someone who might benefit from hearing it, please share. Knowing I would turn this tragedy into a story I might help others with one day was literally the only thing that got me through this fucked up time in my life. Enjoy!

My Smashing Stories Podcast

For episodes of my new podcast on iTunes, click here.

Others Risk! Podcast Stories:

1) This is probably my most famous story yet about living with clowns in Chile

2) This is a story about that time I was CouchSurfing all over Argentina and ended up dating my host. It’s also about female friendships and how they’re way more important than any dude ever will be.

3) And this one is about me getting aroused after I was touched by Hot Jesus in the Christian-themed amusement park

4)  This Risk! story about sexual debt that involves a guy who got in a fight “for me” with a cage fighter.

Here’s the video version of the “Women on Men” story for Risk! (click the picture to watch on youtube)

Picture 40

5) This is the one about my dad and what a little asshole I was as a teenager and how it landed me on house arrest

6) A story about hooking up with Argentineans on family vacation.

Other podcasts/videos:

*I was a guest on Linda Bradly Walsh’s podcast, Hate Date. Click here to listen to me talk about my sex life and how I have learned to create my flawless firewall on tinder.

*A video of me telling a dating story at an LA show. Click here to watch

*Here’s a podcast interview I was in about the craft of storytelling

*And here’s the story about the self-destructive life of a ski instructor


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rachelhofer says:

    We’d love to hear that story about your psychodrama experience you shared at Coffee Culture on here! http://rachelhofer.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/570/

    1. melaniehamlett says:

      haha. sure thing!

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