The Risk! Podcast

1) My best Risk! story

The most important story I’ve ever told, which Risk! dedicated the whole hour to.

This is the real Melanie Hamlett right here. This is not me on stage trying to make people laugh or hiding behind jokes (though the story is super funny, believe it or not). This is me opening up my heart and telling the most personal story I have to a million listeners the way I would tell it to a friend. I told this story to hopefully give other survivors the strength to leave or at least the hope of a good life to look forward to once they do.

2) My second favorite Risk story

This one is a really important story about masculinity, how much men and teenage boys suffer under this and what it looks like when a woman is just as toxic. If you liked my viral Harper’s Bazaar piece recently, you’ll love this story. It’s funny too, I swear! My second hour-long story for Risk!

3) This is maybe my funniest story, which also got me the nickname “clown fucker” from other comedians and fans of the podcast. 

4) This is a story about that time I was couchsurfing all over Argentina and ended up dating my host.

5) And this one is about me getting aroused after I was touched by Hot Jesus in the Christian-themed amusement park

6)  This story is about sexual debt and a guy who got in a fight over me with a cage fighter while I was a ski instructor in Wyoming.

Click here to watch the video instead (look… I’m wearing a SKIRT)

Picture 40

7) This is the one about my dad and what a little asshole I was as a teenager and how it landed me on house arrest

8)  This is a funny but oddly personal story about being single in your 30’s and having a weird relationship with a doll out of utter loneliness (like Wilson style).

9) This is the story of me forgiving my dad after years of blaming all my problems on him. This is one of my favorite stories. It’s in video instead of podcast form

10) Here’s my very first story for Risk! about screwing a hot Argentinian polo player while on family vacation.

My Smashing Stories Podcast

For episodes of my podcast on iTunes, click here.

Other Podcasts/Videos:

*I was a guest on Linda Bradly Walsh’s podcast, Hate Date. Click here to listen to me talk about my sex life and how I have learned to create my flawless firewall on tinder.

* I was on this podcast by Comedy couple Kelly Hudson (funny or die) and Dan Klein (Wet Hot American Summer, etc etc)

*A video of me telling a dating story at an LA show. Click here to watch

*Here’s a podcast interviewI was in about the craft of storytelling

*And here’s the story about the self-destructive life of a ski instructor

3 Comments Add yours

  1. rachelhofer says:

    We’d love to hear that story about your psychodrama experience you shared at Coffee Culture on here! http://rachelhofer.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/570/

    1. melaniehamlett says:

      haha. sure thing!

  2. Great Podcast, if you have not heard it you are missing out!

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