The Most Intimate Monents On The River 

(The Colorado River in Nevada)

I Just Spent a Week at My Old Job Doing Outdoor Ed With People Who Live In Their Cars

Scotty has a habit of whipping people like donkeys as a joke. You lots of time to mess around in the wilderness and in parking lots when you live in your car and work outside. This is just a sample  
(Colorado River in Nevada and Arizona)

Terrifying dummies trying to sell beef jerky on the side of the highway in Bumfuck California 

A Day in the Life of Dumpster Divers

We are garbage all week. Albertson’s dumpster had a huge spread of amazing food in their trash. It was all perfectly good food but the FDA makes them throw it away. So we took it off their hands. Yummm.

(Red Rocks, Nevada)

This Hot Guy Sells Coffee Out of His Bus

This video is a joke of course. I only spoke with this guy for like five minutes.

(Las Vegas, NV)

I Doubt That


Donkeys In Aruba (part one)

(Donkey sanctuary, Aruba)