Dating/Tinder Coach

Are you:

  • Tired of chasing after people who don’t actually want you?
  • Sabotaging relationships with people who do?
  • Not seeing red flags early on or seeing ones that aren’t actually there?
  • Attracting the wrong people because your tinder profile sucks?

Well, I can help you!

Here are some articles I’ve written about my dating and sex life to give you an idea of my evolution from terrible relationships to good ones:

This one is about dating my now-husband, this one is about getting what I want in bed, this one is about being a shameless cougar, this one is about learning to be selfish in a good way, this one is about how I learned to orgasm finally, this one is about not blaming myself for men’s sex problems, this one is about dating again after surviving sexual trauma, and this super funny travel story is about how to not be so goddamn co-depedent with men in general. I have plenty more too!


I learned from a lot of pain and the help of a coach how to finally respect myself in my dating life instead of letting people waste my time, pushing away good dudes, or coming across so desperate (despite being wildly independent in every other area of my life) . The only way I could stop repeating the same mistakes was finally getting help… the right kind of help. The stakes are often too high for friends to be so brutally honest  with us (plus it exhausts them!) and therapists can’t be as hands-on and available as a dating coach.

I’m not Yoda, but I do have a shit ton of experience vetting men on tinder.  I learned how to vet men depending on my needs at the time—an amazing one-night stand (vs a hookup that feels gross) or a fun date with boyfriend-material guys (instead of breadcrumb dudes who make me wait weeks for texts). Without the help of a coach, I would have scared off my now husband (WTF I’m MARRIED?!) because my PTSD and reptile brain have knee-jerk reactions based in fear and trauma. As a coach, I can help you see the truth when your brain is tricking you.

I’m here to help you see through the stories your brain tells you and, instead, listen to your intuition more. And I’m fun. Let’s do this!

$70/hour    (FREE 20 minute chat first to make sure we vibe).

***Discounts for people who have been affected by the pandemic***

Email me at to set up a time.


Tyler (Los Angeles)

“Melanie is a fantastic coach. She has an all too rare ability that she has honed like a razor: she listens. In one session, Melanie gave me the tools I needed to reconstruct my entire dating profile, which led to immediate results. I got more dates with women who were more compatible with me, and am now engaged to the love of my life. I would not be where I am right now without her help- hire her immediately.”

N.C. (France)

“My friends are always giving me advice about the men I date, but their opinions are all conflicting; and it’s mostly based on their own disappointments and letdowns. Melanie is the only person I’ll listen to now. She got me to realize where I was going wrong time and time again. Thanks to her I can spot red-flags immediately and I’ve learned not to waste my time on utter losers. I was sick of checking my phone constantly to see if the guy I had a crush on had messaged me, not to mention the disappointments when guys just disappeared. I can tell Melanie everything, even the bits that make me cringe and wouldn’t normally share. She’s non-judgemental and I actually have fun sharing with her my disastrous Tinder experiences.”

Ryan (Ventura, Califonia)

“Mel knows women. She gave me winning advice on how to pursue the women I was interested in, and, more importantly, gave me the advice needed to let the women I wasn’t interested in off gently. Mel is an awesome coach with a lot of experience. She’s done wonders for my dating life.”