Dating/Tinder Coach

Are you:

  • tired of chasing after dudes/dudettes who don’t want you?
  • sabotaging good relationships?
  • not seeing red flags early on that you should have?
  • letting men/women waste your goddamn time?
  • not giving good ones a chance cuz you’re so full of PTSD/bad experiences that you over-react and see red flags were there aren’t any?
  • tired of attracting the wrong people cuz your tinder profile sucks?


Well, I can help you! As someone who has had SO MANY shitty experiences, it finally took almost getting murdered by an ex to make me wake the hell up and go get help. I was tired of repeating the same patterns and I needed someone brave enough to be honest with me. My friends cared about me but they never could fully call me on my shit or give me the sound advice I needed. I needed someone who wasn’t afraid of telling me the truth. The stakes are too high with friends. So I found someone to be that voice.

Let me be that voice for you!

I’m not Yoda nor am I a therapist. But I do have a shit ton of experience vetting dudes on tinder, having amazing one night stands with awesome men who like to pleasure me, and dating healthy guys after so many years of breadcrumb dudes. My current boyfriend is a catch and the only reason I didn’t ruin this relationship months ago is because I had someone who would talk me off the ledge when I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself (for doing literally nothing wrong y’all). SO, if you want someone with the guts to be honest with you but also a great sense of humor and an empathetic soul, email me. I’m happy to help!

$50/hour and no judgment y’all.

Email me at to set up a time. I can chat for 10 minutes before you commit to the hour so you feel more confident in all this. I know it’s hard to trust a stranger but you’ll see I’m not a total bi-atch!