Our Pandemic Wedding in France

So we survived 82 days of being locked in a tiny flat together in France during a global pandemic (like we had to have permission slips to leave our home and could only go 1k for 1 hour a day to exercise). At the end of it all, we realized we STILL weren’t sick of…

My latest for The Daily Beast

I usually write bonkers travel stories for The Daily Beast, but this one is a reported piece I’m quite proud of.

My newest for The Daily Beast

Finally I got to write something funny. Also, the fighting spirit of Chile won’t be stopped by some virus. Click here to read

Photos from my newest bonkers story for The Daily Beast

  This story is such a Mélanie story. Totally crazy, funny, a tiny bit scary, and full of sex and life lessons     One of the many instruments Hippy Doctor had My beloved Firecracker Shucking corn or something? I don’t even know what I did. I just went along with it. scenes from the…