I wrote this piece about the way fathers are portrayed on TV and how much that needs to change.

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I wrote this piece about toxic masculinity’s role in domestic violence



I wrote this piece for Paste magazine.

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I wrote this piece for Paste Magazine about Trump being our crazy ex.


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I wrote this piece about masturbation, porn, and having sex with lots of guys for Bantergirl.

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I wrote about my first date at age 34 for the

This is the thingy I wrote for Marie Claire.
(Please be warned, the editor changed/added some stuff from the version we agreed on and I don’t like how it turned out, but oh well.)

Melanie Marie Claire Article – Jan 2012-1

This Piece Won an Award For Best Comedy Travel Story (and is coming out in the book Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana in November 2012)

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I’ve also got a story in this book:


You can purchase it here:

This piece was published in the Santa Fe Reporter about my experiences down at Occupy Wall Street. Click here