Glamour Magazine

This piece is about spousal rape but I swear it’s funny too

This piece is a feminist take on penis drawings.

The Washington Post

*This piece is about being single and going to weddings and how much that sucks after age 30. 

This piece is about mothers and daughters needing to chat about their #metoo’s

Paste Magazine:

*I wrote this piece about toxic masculinity’s role in domestic violence and how we still don’t have a clue how to talk about it.

*I wrote this piece about how much Disney hates men as much as women.

* I wrote this piece for Paste Magazine about Trump being our crazy ex.


I wrote this piece about Roseanne and how Darlene was the first toxically masculine feminist. It was very flattering to Roseanne she blocked me on twitter after reading it lol

This piece is a super personal one about why we should stop calling abusive men monsters.

I wrote this piece about how stupid and selfish fathers are portrayed on TV and how  we need to retire the old deadbeat dad trope.

I wrote this piece about abortion and how we need to let men have feelings about it too. 

Sex With Emily:

This piece is about online dating and how to find people to date and/or bone who won’t try to kill you 

This piece is about why faking orgasms is the worst thing to do ever.

This piece is about sexual soulmates and how that’s kind of a load of shit.

This piece is about masturbating with the Magic Wand.

Travel Writing Pieces:

Miles Away (CheapOair’s Travel Magazine): my piece about my beloved Taos.


I wrote this about my first date at age 34

Marie Claire:

I wrote this while I was at Occupy Wall Street

Santa Fe Reporter:

I wrote this while I was at Occupy Wall Street as well


This Piece Won the Award For Best Comedy Travel Story with this story, which was then printed in this bookLeave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana in November 2012)

Picture 4

I’ve also got a story in this book: