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Harper’s BAZAAR

My reported feature that went super viral. Probably my best work yet (though not very funny).

A deeply personal article that’s not about Taylor Swift really. It’s about how dangerous it is for women needing to be liked.

The Washington Post

This piece is about dating French men is totally baffling for American women. 

This is probably my best WaPo piece yet. It’s about the price of adventure and escapism.

This is one of my favorite pieces yet. It’s about how learned to trust my intuition by sleeping around and almost getting murdered

*This piece is about being single and going to weddings and how much that sucks after age 30. 

This piece is about mothers and daughters needing to chat about their #metoo’s

The Guardian

My first piece for The Guardian )that’s sure to piss off Americans).

The Huffington Post

One of my favorite stories of all time.

A different version of my clown-f*cking story

This one got me a lot of hate mail from men haha.

Glamour Magazine

My piece about being “the dude” in my relationship

My piece about my first threesome

My piece about why being married isn’t necessarily a good thing for women.

My piece about why women don’t have kids and you should be totally ok with that

My piece about why men and women can’t orgasms.

My piece about women in men’s world.

My piece about being a cougar that went kinda viral

My reactionary piece after the Cougar one went viral

My piece about why cougars are good for The Bachelorette.

This piece is about my favorite comedy, Big Mouth, and how it’s more feminist than any show on TV.

This piece is about my favorite show from the 80’s and how it’s more progressive than current shows even.

This piece is about women learning to be as selfish as men in a good way

This piece is about a show I can’t stand but hate-watched for this piece 

This piece is about this Ted Bundy hysteria.

This piece is about how women orgasm.

This piece is about spousal rape but I swear it’s funny too

This piece is about women who abuse power in Hollywood

This piece is about Quentin Tarantino’s premature return to film 

This piece is a feminist take on penis drawings.

This piece is about Timesup and women being badasses

The Daily Beast

This piece is as funny as the Jesus piece below. It’s about living in Walmart parking lots and how insane that can be.

One of the funniest pieces I’ve ever written about the Jesus-themed amusement park.

My piece about wandering around Peru and meeting clowns and all kinds of fun stuff.

This one is about the bizarre tourist trap called Popeye Village on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. So messed up.

This piece is almost as crazy as the Jesus amusement park above. It’s about a place that has live births of Cabbage Patch dolls. 

My piece about The Dukes of Hazzard Museum in my hometown of Nashville

Outside Magazine

I wrote this piece about being a woman in a man’s outdoor world for Outside. 

Playboy Magazine

(Playboy recently changed their website and put up a paywall so some of these aren’t up on the new site yet)

I wrote this piece about the Golden Globes

I interviewed Baron Vaughn and Brooklyn Decker for this piece about their hit show.

This one is about Roseanne

Good Housekeeping

My latest about Roseanne

The Storytelling Guide I Wrote:

One of the most comprehensive, exhausting, but the best things I’ve written about the art of storytelling. It’s a reported feature that includes some of the best storytellers I know.


This one is about how horny women my age are.

This one is about how fucked up love really is and how we can all be selfish jerks.

This one is about sons and how desperately they want to be close to their dads but it’s funny is swear.

This is about the most feminist movie ever. 

I wrote this piece about the best comedy on TV right now.

I wrote this piece about Roseanne and how Darlene was the first toxically masculine feminist. It was very flattering to Roseanne she blocked me on twitter after reading it lol

I wrote this piece about how stupid and selfish fathers are portrayed on TV and how  we need to retire the old deadbeat dad trope.

I wrote this piece about abortion and how we need to let men have feelings about it too. 

Paste Magazine:

*I wrote this piece about toxic masculinity’s role in domestic violence and how we still don’t have a clue how to talk about it.

*I wrote this piece about how much Disney hates men as much as women.

* I wrote this piece for Paste Magazine about Trump being our crazy ex.



Travel Writing Pieces:

Miles Away (CheapOair’s Travel Magazine): my piece about my beloved Taos.

I wrote this piece about Eagle Nest for New Mexico Tourism Department



This Piece Won the Award For Best Comedy Travel Story with this story, which was then printed in this bookLeave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana in November 2012)

Picture 4

I’ve also got a story in this book: