My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite stories from recent times, from travels overseas, and from that time I lived in my truck. Please forgive all the weird Dora stuff. It was a *phase* I went through but she’s out of my life now.

The Christian-themed Amusement Park – This is one of my favorite stories and by far one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been. It’s also super offensive and partly fictional.


My amazing karaoke performance for my dad’s memory care center.


That story about bedbugs getting me on the Dr. Oz Show!



The Bouncy House of Boobs at The Sex Museum in NYC


When I met the man of my dreams, who was selling coffee out of the van he lives in


The Willie Nelson Museum Gives Terrible Advice


More serious story about being an Outward Bound instructor


The Naked Bookseller in Arizona


My hilarious friends threw an animal-friendly rodeo


The Bicycle and Space Museum – Sparta, Wisconsin’s weirdo museum



The Amazing Doll Lady – Viona is a fascinating woman I met on the side of the road in rural Florida. Click the link to see the full story.

Goonies!– I did the Truffle Shuffle with a complete stranger. Click the link below for more famous Goonies locations.

Taos, New Mexico- I met this Dad/son duo in a parking lot in Taos. We had the whole living-in-our-vehicle-thing in common, but they do it to spread the word about God and the world ending in 2012, and not because it’s fun.

A fun little story about the 2008 election in Joshua Tree

The fucked up Presidential Wax Museum – this is the Jackie-O’s transvestite wax figure


and her bloody wax body

A Goddess Festival in Boise- the most unsuspecting people in rural America are really into Goddess stuff

Coffins full of baby doll body parts – I randomly met these people in Oregon. They have disturbing things in their home.


A Taxidermy Strip Club: I found this funeral home that had hundreds of dead rats and squirrels playing poker, getting drunk, and running from albino squirrels cops. Just click and see for yourself

Tiny Town, USA – A very masculine man in Pennsylvania has a whole doll house town in his backyard


Hippies living in a bus – Somehow I ended up working for these random people in their bus and sleeping in their bed with a pitbull.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Margaret says:

    Great site, Melanie. Good luck on your adventures this summer. We love you!

  2. Maggi says:

    LOVE your pics!!!! you are now on my list of favorite blogs that I have to check everyday.
    When will I have time to actually get some work done?

  3. Shannon says:

    I really like what you did with this page. I’m really hoping to join you for part of your summer tour!! Hamlett sisters reunited. I don’t mind being your photographer/assistant director either!

  4. melaniehamlett says:

    Oh my goodness. I have already received $100 in donations from people who want me to do this trip. I can’t believe other people believe in this dream of mine too! Thank you for reading even if you can’t donate. All the support is very humbling and keeps me motivated.

  5. melaniehamlett says:

    I’m up to $190 in donations y’all! This is incredible!!!

  6. Katy Bridges says:

    Hey Mel. I loved the Angelina pictures I remember that Naloween very well. I had a suggestion on where to go. Slab City is a really weird place near the Salton Sea. It is squatters land in California and next to it is this crazy religious adobe mud made mountain that this guy built. Its weird, he will talk your head off. This guy became famous from the dude in Into the Wild. Not sure what your looking for but its interesting. You should check out some circus people too. I will be in colorado this summer if your headed there. Have fun.

  7. Karen Eke says:

    You are the craziest woman I think I’ve ever met… and this site cracks me up!!! I am so excited to see the wacky pictures you take and the stories bring back from your trip!

    Best of luck, Mel!


  8. Brian houck says:

    You haven’t changed a bit! Come on down to the ky derby and I’ll put you to work, I pay pennies, but you’ll meet some very colorful birds…

  9. leh says:

    the trip looks amazing! how do you find all this stuff?

    i love the hunting store!

    are we going to hear from our family at old navy?


  10. Danielle says:

    Hey Girl! Can you get to Santa Monica by Wed night? I need someone for a Thursday & Friday shoot — I found out the pay today…

  11. You are too cute. I picked up your card in a Sierra store in Boise Id. You have a good spiret, keep up the good work.

  12. Sophia says:

    Hey lady! Lookin’ good all around the country!! You are FUNNY! Looking forward to seeing you in T-town this weekend! Lovins!

  13. Annie says:

    Great stuff! I met you last Saturday. Loved it. Love this. Check out my website, too. I’m into wood.
    If you need a beautiful place to plant your truck let me know.
    Enjoy the ride,
    303 440-5481

  14. Kevin says:

    So funny.!!!! Tell Doc Oz i said hi, and i hope the cream works.

  15. This particular blog, “My Favorite Adventures | Melanie Hamlett – Wandering Narcoleptic” demonstrates that you truly understand what you r speaking about!
    I personally 100 % agree. Many thanks ,Arlene

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