World Cup week here in France

Tonight was magic. I think I educated nearly 60,000 people about title IV. Only women, people of color, minorités, and fathers (of daughters) knew what the hell this sign meant but the rest had never even HEARD of title IX. I hope other countries will perhaps be inspired to apply title 9 type policies towards women’s sports so people start to give a shit about them. Money is power. Fund women’s stuff!! I got hot fives, was asked to be in photos, and full on cheers and applauds from folks who knew what it meant. But then I got confused looks and heard 85% of the people who passed me say to each other “title 9? What’s that?” I’m exhausted but it was fun and Michael was the best social justice warrior I could have asked to go with. We make an excellent team and good friends too. Magic magic magic.

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