The coolest French farm party (and techno music weekend) ever

I went to this farm party this weekend. I got to learn how to play these giant drums, ate a 4 course homemade meal (from local farms) and listened to three concerts. If I wasn’t dogsitting this weekend, I would have slept under the stars too with the rest of them. This was truly a magical party. And I was definitely the only American there. Also, the French know how to enjoy life better than possibly anyone.

The goose at the end!!!

Actually, the whole damn weekend was bananas. There was a techno festival in Lyon all weekend, but even people who didn’t go to that were having dance parties everywhere. Like this one near my house

And this one

And this one

And this one

I was busy from Wednesday through Sunday and still felt serious FOMO. Too much cool shit to do here! If you can love a place like a person, I am madly in love with my boyfriend called Lyon.

Oh and I dogsat this monster all week in a mansion

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