My one true love is a place, not a dude


Two years ago I visited Lyon for the first time, spent those 4 days with the man I ended up dating long distance for a year, and watched these same fireworks from a rooftop with him and a bunch of cool French people I met. I fell in love with this city in those four days. But especially that night. I knew I wanted to live here, I just needed to figure out how.

This time last year I broke up with that dude cuz I realized I loved France more than he loved me and that what I really wanted was to be in Lyon, not with him. So I left spain and came here with no friends, not knowing the language, no plan, and a newly dead dad and broke up with the only human being I knew in France. I’ve never felt so alone, but that despair and desperation made me work tirelessly to build the community and life i wanted here.

One year later I am more in love with this city than ever and have a community and home I love and even made my first phone call in all French the other day and they actually understood what the fuck I was saying. Huge language breakthrough. I have never clicked with a place quite the way I immediately clicked with Lyon. So I guess I’m dating Lyon cuz that’s my one true love haha.

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