Greece without or usual sour puss

Luckily we never came to Greece with my dad on family vacation so nothing about this place reminds me of him. And yet everything reminds me of him. Like today, after almost 9 more hours of travel, we found out we didn’t have a hotel room our first night due to a miscommunication. My stepmom and I didn’t really panic.. We just looked at each other and shrugged cuz that’s how we role. But the first thing I thought of was what my dad would have shouted, “Shiiiiiiiiit. This is a DISASTER.” Then he would have been zero help while us laides problem solved everything like usual. Jokes and funny stories aside, he could be the WORSTE to travel with. I’m talk’n toddler kind of temper tantrums when shit didn’t go as planned or his way. I used to be SO annoyed by his inability to adapt and find solutions because he was too stuck in self pity and focusing on the problem.

I’ve since realized this is exactly what made me so good at being adaptable and chill in the face of “disasters.” In fact, this is probably one of my favorite things about myself and probably why I have had such an adventurous life and my attitude so positive when shit hits the fan—I had no choice. I HAD to go with the flow. Beyond my sense of humor and writing abilities, which I also owe to him, my survival skills are largely his doing in this totally round about kind of way.

We are staying in the hotel owner’s personal spare room thingy tonight at the top of some really steep stone steps, which my dad would have bitched about all night (he may not have left the room out of protest in fact—freethinkers do what they want!). In the past I often times wished I hadn’t gone on trips with him cuz of his shitty attitude. But those disaster moments are oddly some of my favorite memories of all time.

It’s funny how you can miss the very things you thought you hated about someone til they up and die. I miss having a sour puss we walk on egg shells around. And I miss the the inappropriate jokes and him speaking about himself in third person even more. All of it, good and shitty. Luckily we have an actual toddler on vacation with us so we still walk on eggshells and have to be overly accommodating lol.

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