That time I talked a rafting company into hiring me with zero experience

I talked my way into a raft Guide job by convincing my would-be-boss that you can teach any moron to get a boat down a river but you can’t teach just anyone people skills, humor, or the ability to get people to do what you need them to do. It somehow worked!

During my six years as a guide in Washington, New Mexico, and Wyoming, I saw two people die. Not in my boat but the boats in front of me. They made me forever terrified and respectful of water. This job taught me how to not panic in emergencies, how to use my voice, how to demand respect from arrogant entitled men who assumed they knew more than me cuz of my gender alone (especially clients who knew literally nothing about rivers), and how to do safety speeches in front of huge groups of people without being scared. I think this helped me become a comedian/performer later on cuz I came out of my shell because of this job. But I was scared shitless constantly. I made myself do it though, which made me later believe I could do anything. My dad told me I can’t do this job cuz I was a girl. Sometimes I think I took this job just to prove him wrong. It’s the only time he wasn’t supportive of my bizarre career choices. And yet he influenced me nonetheless. I don’t miss this job but I sure loved it while it lasted. I do miss the people though.

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