My Spanish coworker keeps telling me to stop being so America

Today I was telling students about my trip home. They thought I was rich because I took nine planes. What they don’t understand is only super cheap people take three planes and 35 hours to go one leg of a trip lol. And three to get back. When I told them I lived in LA, not nashville where I was visiting, one stood up, held up a pretend bazooka, and pretended to shoot the entire class. Then she said “This LA?” I did my disturbed laugh thing, then shook my head no. “That’s all of America, honey.”

They also thought I was rich cuz I had an iPhone 6. What they don’t know is that I got it for Xmas and it’s my stepmoms old one that’s been used for three years. They think everyone in America is loaded because iPhone are even more expensive over here and all American tv shows are all about rich and upper middle class people.

A teacher brought these to school today. A shit ton of churros. Did you know they’re not supposed to be caked in sugar like back home? So good!

Also, before tutoring the 12 year old today, I was rushing to finish my lunch my teacher friend made for me and her daughter. She scolded me. “Stop being so American! No need to rush. Enjoy your food.” Then she explained to her daughter that all Americans do is work and that’s why we are always walking and eating on TV. Her daughter said “oh so that’s why they fold the pizza and eat it to walk!” Yep! Cuz we don’t know how to enjoy life. Our jobs and consumerism don’t allow for such things!

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