My friend just sent me this pic- apparently I’m in this Karaoke Video in Japan!

Omg, this is by far the funniest, most random thing that’s happened to me in years.

My comedian friend, Daisy Rosario is doing karaoke in Japan right now and apparently I showed up in her video! She just sent me this pic. I now remember shooting this. I was a production assistant on some weird shoot in the Bronx but I had no idea what it’s for. I just remember having to buy the actors cheap fur jackets at a a store in Manhattan beforehand and thinking it was bizarre and unprofessional on set. Well Apparently it was a karaoke video! They asked me to do this scene walking down the street cuz their actor was in the bathroom or some shit. Ten years later I find out I’m in karaoke bars in Japan lol.

This my favorite small world/random melanie adventure story ever. And something about finding this out while living in Spain makes it all the weirder to me. Magic does exist! I’ve never been so happy over something so dumb in my life.

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