Halloween in Spain is cray

.I think one of my favorite things about being in Spain so far is not giving any fucks about Halloween. No stressing about a costume for weeks on end or trying to figure out what the cool shit to do is that night. Not a single case of FOMOS this year. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love Halloween. Especially seeing normally reserved people get their freak on. But the pressure to be super funny and original every single year actually makes me not enjoy it anymore. So I really love not giving any fucks over here. Maybe it’s just me and where I’m at in life, but I just don’t take myself as seriously over here in general (in a good way, not a lazy, apathetic way). Like, I’m way less hard on myself and I think that’s cuz people here don’t seem to stress so much about things that really aren’t important, like a dumb costume for instance. As we do with most things, I think Americans tend to spend far too much money on this holiday, compete waaaaay too much, and put unnecessary pressure on themselves to have THE most creative costume and have THE best night even and we do this shit for almost all our holidays (fuck new years by the way. I am so over that holiday since I’ve been consistently disappointed by what I’m doing at midnight every single dec 31st).

This year I don’t have to care about any of that crap! Cuz holidays don’t seem to have this weird added pressure to be mindblowingly AMAZING like they do back home. Well, Not yet at least. I hear carnival is a whole other story and I damn well Better have a good costume for that.

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