American TV is kinda making Spanish kids act more like jerks

Today during my class with 11-year-olds, the teacher had them tell me a little about themselves including what they wanted to be when they grow up. I expected maybe doctors, soccer players, musicians, etc- the usual kid fantasy. You wanna know what almost every single kid said?

You Tuber.

Some said "doctor and YouTuber" others said "Vet and YouTuber" but most just straight up YouYube stars and I'm not even kidding (although one girl wanted just one career-to own a cake shop lol). When I asked them what being a YouTuber would look like, they said they would make millions of Euros from creating videos about whatever they feel like. They sincerely believe this an actual career path lol. No one wanted to be a movie start or rock star or famous soccer player. Just YouTube star. My teacher (a different one than my spirit animal one) explained later that they are increasintly becoming attached to this idea that you can make a butt load of money from doing whatever you want ("even if it is stupid and boring") and making vidoes about it for the world to obsess about. "And They think being rich is the most important thing now! But they also think being rich is supposed to be easy. This is new for us. I've never seen these kind of ideas in Spanish kids before."

This isn't the first I've heard about this so far. My teacher/spirit animal friend told me her kids use the word popular a lot now. And loser. Maybe she's wrong, but she said this whole concept of being popular is newer to Spain. Like, this idea of some kids being complete fucking losers and others being better than everyone and the most popular didn't exist until more recently (not when she was young and not in the many years she's been teaching and raising her son and daughter). She believes kids are learning this from all the American TV they watch. Being an American, I honestly can't imagine school NOT being about a popularity contest. That's what I fucking hated about school other than being bored out of my mind. Makes me wonder what adolescents would have been like without this competitive mentality. She also credited Trump for making this "loser" idea more acceptable. "Everything in America is about competing with others?"

Yup. Pretty much.

This is a picture of our drive to school every day. It was almost NINE in the morning when I took this. Spain is in the wrong time zone (no, really, the wrong one) so it's dark as fuck here.

Also, I am not drawing conclusions about Spain here. Maybe the teachers are totally wrong. But I find our conversations fascinating and like sharing their thoughts about Spain and America and the world in general.

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