All About the Boys

Today I worked at the other school for the first time. Most days my kids are 8-11 years old, but on Thursdays they’re only 6. Cute as hell, but… different. During my get-to-know-Melanie slideshow, they couldn’t control their bodies or mouths, talking the entire time, laying on desks, playing w/loud toys, or whacking other kids on the head again and again and again and again. I don’t want to gender behavior here, but it was pretty much only the boys doing this. They couldn’t help it though. And I found myself doing what teachers did to me and I’m sure continue to do—ignoring the girls. Mostly because the only way to get the boys to pay attention and stop interfering with the other kids’ ability to learn is to engage them and ask them a shit ton of questions and basically cater the class to them.

Most of the girls were really eager to learn and raising their hands and trying to engage with me but I was too distracted trying to get the boys to sit down, stop hitting each other or shut up. The girls are no angels and definitely talk too, but pretty easy in comparison to most the boy. It’s not anyone’s fault and I personally am amused by how insane some of the boys behave (and empathize cuz I’m a hyperactive wiggle worm who can’t sit down more than 20 minutes myself), but it doesn’t seam fair. I know I personally slipped between the cracks as a student in school cuz I was super shy and it’s just so easy to go unnoticed when you’re a girl.

I wonder how much different my own education would have been if I had gone to an all girls’ school. Food for thought.

ANYWHO, the kids seemed fascinated by my pictures, though they didn’t understand them at all. They did ask if I lived in a truck instead of a house. I lied and said no, that I just slept in a truck for fun on occasion. A 6 year old is not gonna understand minimalism and counter culture lol. My new male teacher did say “Melanie sleep in many places.” A truer sentence has never been stated haha. One boy asked if there are tractors in America (these kids live in the country, surrounded by cows and farms). Little did he know, the next pic coming in my slideshow was this one! What are the odds?

Anywho, as feminist as I like to think I am, my default is still, and may always be, to cater to/revolve things around the needs (or wants) of men, even super young ones. Some people might say that in and of itself is the definition of patriarchy. This post just got super deep and shit. Sorry!

Spain is great!

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