This Cute Festival and Thouhts on The French

Apparently there’s this huge old car festival here this weekend. The two french guys staying in this airbnb with me came here with this car of theirs-it’s got two steering wheels and two engines and is kinda crazy but super cool. We couldn’t communicate all that well (we’re talk’n pantomiming shit lol) but I told them I’d seen the french camp’s amazing Eiffel Tower from the road. They laughed. 
Of course the french camp of people in old cars built an Eiffel Tower lol. A lot of them had cars painted in french colors or little french flags flapping off the back. 
I’m not much into nationalism and I know the french get a lot of shit for being soooo french, but I kinda admire how proud they are of their culture. I’ve never seen anything like it. So proud of their food, language, culture, and overall way of life. Of course, they also get a lot of shit for not bothering to learn English as much as their neighbors and being a little cut off from the world in their Frenchness. I can see how that would be annoying. 
The funny thing is i think It’s cute when the french do it but annoying then America does. Of course, our leaders boast in every single speech that we’re the best county in the world and I’ve been told by foreigners how weird that is and that we are the only county that does this. Plus America tends to rally around being the most powerful and our greatest being about how big our military dick is. Sure. We contribute a lot to the world for sure. Some of it’s amazing and some of it’s shit (I’m looking at you, Hollywood and green house emissions). Either way you spin it, our footprint on the world is huge. You don’t realize just how much until you try to get away from it. You can’t really. Even in bumfuck Argentina they were watching Breaking Bad (a positive contribution!) and smoking Camels. But france doesn’t seem interested in exporting their culture so much as celebrating and protecting it from outside influences. Sometimes it goes too far and is arrogant and racist but America does that shit too, just in different ways. Anywho, I like the french. I always get along with them. They crack me up. And this one man went out of his way to email & text me all these photos of the tower they made. Like it took us 15 minutes to accomplish this task lol. I’m theorizing all this of course. Maybe I would hate france if I lived there. Who knows. And maybe I’m being too tough on America. I’ve been accused of that before. But these are thoughts of mine while traveling. And these men were adorable. That’s my main point.


For the first three days I was here, I kept thinking this town was so fucking cute cuz of the old ass cars everywhere. I mean, it IS cute and I could totally live here or stay here all summer at least, but the cars were just cracking me up. What’s IS IT with this old car thing?! Then I was told it’s an old car festival. 2,000 cars and 4,000 people at least. I’m glad I didn’t post about these cars before I got the full scoop. I don’t want to contribute any more to a world of fake news! 

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