Valencia, Spain: I’m a really bad tourist 

I stayed inside all day yesterday except to eat. After exhausting myself for days on end, I got to the point where I heard myself say “oh great. Another fucking pretty crutch. Whoopeeee.” I don’t like that I have this attitude! But I’m used to spending longer periods of time in a few places instead of short periods of time in many places. This fast-food type approach to travel has never been my style. But since part of this trip was a recon mission to see where I might want to spend long periods of time later on, it seemed necessary. But I’m over it. I’m a very bad tourist. I don’t really give a shit about any of the sights unless they’re pretty. I’d much rather drop into a town and hang out with locals and feel like I belong there. And if I see touristy stuff, it’s only fun for me through a local’s eyes. Tourists to me feel like perpetual invaders and I don’t like feeling like I’m consuming a culture or watching a play. I want to be IN the play. Maybe this is ridiculous but it’s how I’ve always been. This need to feel like I could belong anywhere has always been something I’ve clung to in order to avoid feeling alone in the world. I don’t know why this is so important to me but it is. So today I realized I should at least see the old part of Valencia since I’m here. I’m glad I did. I lasted all of an hour though and now I’m spending the rest of the day writing in a cafe. My waitress talks to me and I like that. She thought I was Spanish until I opened my mouth. I really like that.

Here’s a mini tour of Valencia. Or rather the things I found funny or interesting. I alway give money to these artists cuz, just like in nyc, they make things more interesting. The shit they do is so random sometimes. I’m also fascinated by segways.They to me are the most touristy thing on the planet so I’m not sure I’s ever be caught on one. Then again, they look really fun! 

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