The most bizarre day in northern Spain 

Here’s what happened today as it happened (and as I wrote it): 
Look who’s got her own scooter! 

Inspired by yesterday’s tinder date, I decide to rent my own and head north. I have no plan and I like it that way. The guys at the shop said “do you need two helmets?” I smirked. “Unless I pick up some hot guy along the way, I’m good with one.” They died laughing. Maybe they’re not used to single women renting then? I dunno. I have been eating cheese and popcorn the last several days to afford adventures like this. Luckily the scooter was cheap to rent for a day and didn’t require some insane deposit like the rental cars. Off on a 24 hour adventure! This is either a really good or really bad idea.

 Okay, this shit was bananas. Like way scarier than climbing. Cuz with that it’s just a perceived risk. Climbing is actually quite safe. But Driving a scooter at 100km an hour is kinda not. So I finally decided to get off the fast highway (where everyone else on scooters drives) and stick to the coastal highway. Way prettier anyways. I’m exhausted from being wind-blown and pumped full of adrenaline and the loud ass noise of wind and a scooter engine, but I made it to a pretty beach and goddamn that was exciting! I’m really comfortable driving it now. The reason I climb is because it scares the shit out of me. Fear of death should do that. But in doing so, it also humbles my ego and makes me realize how stupid my other fears are. Who cares about your silly fear of never *making it* as a writer when a tire blowing out on this scooter could mean getting run over by the semi behind you, right?! So facing actual, life-threatening things makes me see how stupid my other fears are, which helps me chill the fuck out about them. But don’t worry, I’m no daredevil. I don’t want to die! And I am way more cautious about everything I do now that I’m older. Too many people rely on me for friendship and love and too many people care about me to be doing stupid shit. I’ve never driven anything like this before, but I feel so good mastering from a couple new things-driving this beast well and figuring out what the hell these road signs mean (no words, just pictures!). Challenge is the thing that gives me all my strength. When I get complacent, I self destruct or backslide on some level. So I’m really glad I did this. Now for some beach time and figuring out where the hell I’m gonna sleep tonight.

In a truly bizarre turn of events, I somehow ended up parking my scooter in the gatlinburg or naigra falls of Spain. A trashy tourist trap catering to families with small children. The Airbnb I was trying to stay at didn’t never approved my request so on the side of the road, as the sun was going down, I went into survival mode and googled the shit out of cheap Spain hotels. I was not about to drive this thing up and down a dark highway in a foreign country. That’s how you get hit. So I went online and within ten minutes I found a hotel room for $30 (cheaper than the Airbnb!) I never pay for hotels but the idea of just wandering around and hoping something cool would happen just didn’t appeal to me. It seemed stupid actually. Some of the best adventures have happened to me when I was desperate for housing or transportation (like the little old lady in Norway I met on a bench who invited me to come stay with her cuz she didn’t like the Ida of me pitching a tent in the city’s version of Central Park. That’s still one of my best memories cuz she because my surrogate grandma and we hung out for two days straight. But I lucked out. And I was young and stupid then. Cuz some of my worst memories are also from not having a place to stay and just letting myself be too vulnerable – like when that old Irish man I hitch hiked with proposed to me and didn’t take no easily for an answer or that time I fucked the clown cuz he wouldn’t leave me alone and I was too cheap to leave and pay for a hostel. And there are other stories- more bad ones than good one). So today I did the adult thing and made sure I had a place to sleep. So here I am! The ladies at the front desk felt bad for me being alone so they gave me a wristband to have a free dinner at the hotel’s “restaurant.” It’s more like a school cafeteria actually. The hot item was this hush puppy looking thing. Come to find out, it’s crab leg! This meal is disgusting. But free! I also have a balcony! Later I’ll post about the other insane things at this motel, like the magic show happening in half hour. I’m very satisfied with my random add adventure so far. Cheers to acting like an adult instead of a vagrant.

They had a “little disco” (cuz it’s for kids) and a magic show at my hotel. The magic show was so fucking weird. The guy bounced a rabbit all over this little girl’s head to Marky Mark and did some weird shit with the bird (not caught on film) and had the other little girl do the pull-my-finger thing but he performed the whole show in three different languages and the crowd was super impressed. But that’s cuz it was mostly children. My life is so weird right now.


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