Tinder date-Barcelona style 

I went on a tinder date today with a super sweet German guy who’s lived in Barcelona for like 13 years. He picked me up on his scooter and showed me all over the city. I spoke with him all of three minutes on tinder before getting on a scooter with him but My intuition said he’s a good dude so I trusted that. At first I thought he was gonna try to take me to his place and bone me cuz that’s what I can’t help but assume due to my experience with a lot of American dudes, but he was super respectful. He bought us some juices, showed me all over town, took my picture a lot cuz I’m impossible like that, and walked me all around famous parks and old town. We talked for hours then he dropped me off at my home cuz he had to be at work at 8. He didn’t once try to hit on me cuz maybe he assumed women on tinder aren’t all a bunch of horny sluts trying to get laid (I am of course but I’m also into adventurous that aren’t of the sexual nature too). We might go out later tonight or another day before I leave. Who knows. The point is, tinder is a way better than some stupid tour I would have paid a fortune for. #tinder for win!

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