They hang octopus up to dry right next to the restaurant they’re going to serve it at 

That’s octopus drying on a close line next to the restaurant it’s about to be served at. 

I have no issue with Greeks eating something they fish for every day and serve locally. I respect eating animals if you kill them yourself. But octopus are incredibly smart creatures. There was one out on Catalina island that I knew when I was a naturalist out there. The fish kept disappearing from the tank next to his. So they finally put a camera in the aquarium one night to solve the mystery. Apparently this octopus was smart enough to remove the lid to his tank every night, crawl to his neighbors, remove their lid, feast on them, put the lid back on, crawl back into his tank, then-get this- put his OWN lid back on! Wtf kind of animal knows to cover its tracks and hide the evidence? So I don’t judge anyone for eating them as long as they’re not hunted into extinction. That’s the cycle of life! But once I form a respect and appreciation of an animal’s personality and brain, I just can’t put them in my mouth.

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