Things in Greece you won’t see in America (Day 1)

Two things you would never see in America- 1) two old men on the same scooter 2) riding illegally on a sidewalk.

I spent 9 hours next to this adorable Greek grandma. She drew crosses and read her Greek book and kept making sure I was okay. When I couldn’t eat the breakfast or dinner meals cuz they were meat or bread crap, she insisted I eat handfuls of her walnuts. I gave her my brownie and banana bread and told her I can’t eat sugar cuz it messes up my stomach. That was a mistake cuz then she was all concerned about my stomach and told me I should drink milk. I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of what my stomach needed but I really loved how maternal she was to me. 

Now we’re in Athens and will wait all day for a five hour board ride to our island, where my sister is waiting for us. 

They want public feedback about their bathrooms lol

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