Airport bathroom selfie on my first day of a 6 week adventure 

This is a bathroom selfie at LAX. First off, I just wanted to share a big moment for me. At the age of 39, and much to my sister’s relief (as she has carried my shit for years), I finally bought a “purse.” 

Just in time for my six week epic adventure. 

Dallas for a couple days, Nashville for a couple to see my dad, then Greece with my family, then off on my own for a month to Spain, Portugal, and France. I’ve been working 12-16 hour days for the last 3 months saving up for this trip. People keep asking me what I’m doing for my big 40th bday coming up in the fall. Well, this is it. An early bday present to myself for my midlife crisis. I still don’t know if I can afford it, but we shall see! I don’t drink and I’m willing to eat bread and cheese for weeks on end like the first time I traveled solo around Europe if need be. The funny thing is, except for the no income part, it’s actually cheaper to travel than to be in LA if you find a subletter. And if I can sell some more pieces to magazines, then this trip will pay for itself. 
While I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks, now that I’m about to leave, I kinda don’t want to go. Of course I WANT to go, but I reeeeally love my house, my bed, my housemates, the dogs, my friends, this city, and my life here in general. I’ve never had that feeling before—where I don’t want to go because I’m gonna miss my bed. I paid a lot of money for that bed, which I never would have thought I’d do in a million years after sleeping in a goddamn truck. But I do. I love it. Every man who’s been in it with me (and it’s been a lot these last two years, though few have slept it cuz I’m pickier about the sleeping part) has said it’s the most comfortable bed they’ve ever been in too. 
But it’s just a bed. And I will always have my outward bound mentality, forever and ever—it’s safer in the harbor and it will feel good to come home to it, but I don’t appreciate that harbor until I’ve been battered and bruised out at sea. And maybe I’ll find some hot euros to bone on THEIR turf this time lol. 
This is the first trip I’ve taken in awhile that just for me. Not for a wedding or to visit people, but just to explore solo and see what happens. I love these kinds of trips, though they can be lonely too. And they get harder the older you get. But fuck it, why not. Away I go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. 
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