I’m Getting Paid to Masturbate….

I just received this massive vibrator in the mail from a publication that’s paying me to try it out then write about it.
Dream job!
Also, why the hell is this thing so BIG? My clit is the size of a Dip ‘n Dot and I’m certainly not putting this sucker inside me. What IS this magical creature?! I’ve seen it before (on Sex and the City when Samantha tries to get Miranda’s kid to sleep after his vibrating chair broke), but I’ve always gone with the silver bullet. I mean, I’m a minimalist and this thing takes up way too much space. But now that Someone’s bought it for me, I’m down to give it a go!
UPDATE: I HATE this thing. Way too powerful… and yet, somehow, not powerful enough if that makes sense.  Oh, and now my clit is numb. Silver bullet it is!

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