Just Got Another Sex/Dating Piece Published Today

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An excerpt:

“One of the unspoken perks of dating apps is that they’re a great way to spot red flags that you might not be able to see so clearly in person. For instance, you meet a hot, charming guy at a bar and he feeds you some BS about being an “entrepreneur” and totally single. But if you’d met that dude on an app (and if you go all Nancy Drew on these men like I do), you figure out they’re completely full of crap before you waste a whole evening of your life with them. I can’t tell you how many “single” guys on Tinder are dumb enough to link their Instagram accounts to their profiles and think women won’t notice all the pics of the same woman by their side. And once I’ve figured out his last name, I can find out what he does for a living, if he’s cheating on a wife or girlfriend and whether or not he’s been convicted of raping a bunch of women back in Arkansas. I can’t tell any of that from meeting a guy in person.”

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