Alzheimer’s Ain’t So Bad! 

People think Alzheimer’s is all gloom and doom and I get why they do. I mean, it’s definitely sad to watch someone’s mind deteriorate right in front of you. And it’s even harder living in constant fear of the day they won’t remember you anymore, which is essentially like being dead to them. Like instead of them dying, you actually died. It’s a mind fuck.

But if you can focus on the positive stuff and laugh at the absurd and embrace all the change, it really isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s provided a great source of joy for me, for I’ve watched my dad go from being a grumpy old man (he acted like an old man even in his 30’s) to this happy Budha without a care in the world. He was always too shy to be goofy, in front of a crowd, so he just made fun of anyone who did instead like those old dudes in the balcony on the Muppets. But now that his guard is down and his ego is deflated and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks anymore, he goes along with the dumbest shit. And kinda loves it.

Like the Easter Bunny…

Playing games with pool noodles (this is literally the only time in the 9 months he’s been in a home that he’s been willing to participate in a group activity, but by god, he did it!)


I’m not sure what holiday this was for but it’s absurd nonetheless

St Patrick’s Day (notice the tiny hat!)

Thoughtful gestures! (my dad tries his best but thoughtful is never a word I would have ever used in the same sentence as my dad without the word “not” being alongside it)


New Years


No idea what they are celebrating here (also, the black eye is from falling while using the bathroom, not getting his ass kicked by a nurse)

And my personal favorite, Cinco de Mayo

It’s real easy to go into self-pity when you have a sick parent but I refuse to do so. My dad is actually really happy now and that’s all I care about. And he’s revealed a sweet side I never knew existed. But he still calls everyone an asshole and throws F bombs all the time, so I haven’t lost my firecracker of a father yet and that’s all I cling to at this point.

Humor is how I get through everything and Alzheimer’s has proven to be no different.


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