Skipping for my mental health 

I used to do this for an hour every day when I lived in my truck. Everyone made fun of me, but they also thought it was hilarious. And it was! I got looks all the time cuz it wasn’t just in nature that I skipped. I did it in cities and towns or pretty much anywhere I went. My chiropractor had told me I couldn’t run anymore but I could skip, so I tried it. I quickly began to see it as a form of public service on some level, for it would almost always cause even the sourest of sour pusses to crack a smile at how silly I looked. Especially since I was usually skipping to techno (or the Braveheart soundtrack), meaning I was kinda dance skipping. I once got an applause by a group of joggers who ran by me in Ventura and I would always get thumbs up or a “right on!” The only down side to skipping is that it ruins your shoes. Burns a hole right through the part you land on. But whatever. They’re just shoes. I’ve only had one skipping injury in all those years so my Doc was right- it is way better on your knees than running. And you usually frown when you run anyways. 

The main reason why is skipped was for my soul though. I find it nearly impossible to frown when you’re skipping. You feel almost childlike in your positive outlook on life and how fun and great it is and how people are generally good. I still try to hold that attitude, despite being proven time and again it’s not always the case. Maybe I’m dumb but it makes me less afraid of the world. The other reason I skipped was to work shit out. You figure out life and what it means when you do repetitive motions. As a writer I usually figure out key elements to my stories while I’m working out, showering, dancing to techno, cleaning or driving. Today I went skipping and saw a few things clearly for the first time. It really clears the head. Now I’m back at camp, an hour later, hiding in the front of the cube truck from the mosquitoes and bees (I was woken up this morning by a giant swarm of bees in the tree above my tent lol and there is a tarantula in yhr back do the cube truck now too lol).  Time to start a new day of adventure and adversity and a shit ton of deet.

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