The Perks of Azheimers 

My dad prides himself on being a non-participator. 

Like the old men in the balcony from the muppets, he looks down on people having fun and judges the shit out of them. That’s his rebellious, “freethinker” mentality. But also his pride and fear of looking stupid I think. I totally get this from him. Which is weird because I’m also extremely extroverted and silly and don’t mind getting up on stage and looking stupid. Or even leading people in participatory-type of activities that make THEM look stupid. All of this type of behavior I get from my mom, who once wore a trash bag, ridiculously oversized white sunglasss, and brown tights to reenact a California Raisin singing “I heard it through the grapevine” for some big event when I was a kid. So, just like my mom, I love being silly (though I take it a step farther and make a complete ass of myself). And yet I also balk at being told I have to participate in anything. Like, I refused to do the Ice water bucket challenge just on principle. I didn’t like being pressured into something trendy, even though that very campaign damn near cured MLS. I’m a jerk like that sometimes.

Anywho, Shelly, his BFF nurse, has worked another miracle. Derek even texted us this photo to prove it. My dad doing “Stretch and Shine” for the first time this morning. He apparently did 3 out of 4 of the activities today, only passing on bingo. He won’t even play BINGO, you guys. But this is some serious progress! No one in my family would have been able to get him to do anything like this. Hell we can’t even get him to listen to music or dance or do literally any activity that my sister and I LIVE for. A whole new Bob Hamlett, y’all! Alzheimers does have a few perks.

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