More Tinder Wisdom 

I don’t think he’s foreign. This is probably a typo. But I usually don’t respond at all to first messages like this. If you can’t be bothered to ask me a question from my profile (which has SO many things you could ask me about!) and instead copy and paste a generic boring question like this, I can tell already that you are either a) lazy/entitled or b) not all that interested in me. Cuz guys who are genuinely interested in my profile try to at least make me laugh or impress me or tell me how funny my profile is. Guys who say “hi” or who tell me I’m pretty never get responses cuz hi is two letters typed out and saying Im pretty means you didn’t read my profile at all and think I want to hear something about my looks, which I don’t. But Questions like these make me think you really don’t give a fuck. And They make me think I’d be a bench warmer until the girl you actually like comes along, which doesn’t interest me. 

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