A Man I Met On Tinder Is Hosting Me For The Women’s March

I met this German guy on tinder a month ago. We went out for a bite and talked politics the whole time. Really sweet guy. We didn’t hook up and that was fine. I wasn’t feeling it and neither was he. But we’ve kept in touch and he’s such a gentlemen and a hilarious dude. I miss having guy friends in my life. He later invited me to stay on his couch here in a super sweet neighborhood in DC. So that’s where I am. He gave me keys and hooked me up with his roommate yesterday while he worked all day yesterday and today (he’s a journalist for German news. He is literally working all weekend). Me and him and his roommate went out for drinks and talked til late last night around their kitchen table. The roommate has hiked the PCT (the one Cheryl Strayed did in Wild) and has lived all over the world and we get along great. They’re both super interesting guys and treat me like a friend and that is really refreshing. I miss spending time with platonic guy Friends (and the German never assumed there would be anything more between us. I haven’t felt once like he was expecting me to fuck him just cuz we met on tinder. I have a good radar for entitled guys and that’s why I never end up around them. They fail my tinder tests!). 
Anywho, Since the worst man in the world who grabs women’s pusses without their consent is becoming president as we speak, I thought I’d share a little story about some good men who are taking care of me and expect nothing and are a lot of fun. They are literally the opposite of trump. (A lady dropped her bags on the way home from dinner and they ran over to her, picked them up and then helped her carry them.) Also remember this- only 1 out of 5 people in this country voted for Trump. Over half didn’t vote at all (lots of them because they were disenfranchised due to voter suppression), over 3 million more who did vote voted for Hillary, and then 7 million voted against trump as independents. So 4 out of 5 of us are not happy today. Do not forget that. Especially as he starts trying to take away our rights. We are the people and we are the majority.
Oh, and the roommate is making me breakfast right now lol.

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