I Can Help You Stay Away From Crazy (and also get laid) 

I’ve been advising people about their dating life and tinder profiles and how to get laid by non-crazies for awhile now. 2015 and 16 have been great years for me, as many of you know from all my fun tinder adventures I’ve over-shared about. I have no doubt it’s because I finally figured out how to detect red flags from a mile away and, therefore, avoid narcissists, rapey dudes, needy insecure ones, entitled ones who push your head down, alcoholics, and psychos.
Almost getting killed by my ex (cuz I willfully ignored his many red flags) forced me to start paying close attention to who people are by carefully listening to what they say and watching what they do. I also had to stop listening to my ego and it’s desperate need to be liked and, instead, trust my intuition entirely. I’ve damn near mastered that shit now (because I finally understand the stakes are too high NOT to). After my shows and in private fb messages, women and men will ask me how the fuck I avoid all the crazies (and how I find only men who are not only nice to me, but who want to please me instead of using my body as a cum dumpster). 
I love doing this stuff. The problem is time. I have a limited amount of it b/c I’m out there doing dumb jobs so I can pay stupid high LA rent. But if I had to do fewer dumb jobs because people wanted my help, then hell yeah! 
People have told me I should do workshops, but for the time being, I’m gonna start small. Yesterday I had my first client and I helped her fix her profile so she doesn’t attract as many crazies or look like someone you can walk all over. We’re gonna work again together next week so I can show her more on how to read between the lines. (I can basically tell if a guy is gonna be respectful and good in bed within the first three texts he sends). I love helping my guy friends too cuz a lot of them are such good men but their profiles make them look like asshats. 
Anywho, I’m gonna try to make it an official side business soon. But in the meantime, if any of you out there want and need help sifting through the crazies and learning how to communicate in a way that shows you know your worth, message me. I’m pretty cheap to the first handful of peeps.
If interested private message me on FB or email me at askhamlett@gmail.com
I resisted this idea for months now because I thought I might sound like a douche, but multiple people keep telling me I have too much food advice to keep to myself. Whether it’s dating, hooking-up, relationship stuff (like how do you know if he or she actually fucking likes you), I can help you see truth, listen to your intuition (instead of ego), and cut the bullshit. I’m really really good at that kind stuff. So bring it on!

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