The People Who Take Care of People

My stepmom and I gave the staff at my dad’s memory care home this basket of goodies that I picked out for them (we also gave Derek his own special present since he’s like my Dad’s BFF/mom now). The men and women who take care of him are amazing and make my dad so happy and just love him to pieces because he says fuck and bullshit and asshole all the time but also tells them thank you a lot and even says that he’ll miss them as they leave at the end of a shift. And we, of course, are so grateful to them because it makes us feel ok about an otherwise super shitty situation. 
I thought they’d be pretty happy about it but I had no idea just how moved they’d be. I’m not sure if it’s because they love us as much as we love them or if it’s because none of the other families ever give them anything or what the reason is, but they were gushing over the basket and plotting what all they would do with each item. And then Shelly, the one who did karaoke with me for my dad awhile back, hugged me tight and said “You are the light of my life. I love your family so much. Thank you so so much.” 
It seemed like overkill to be honest but having taken care of kids at outward bound and gotten close to them myself, I get it. People who take care of people for a living are exhausted and under-appreciated and give more than they ever receive back. So when someone does show them appreciation, it means the world. Teachers, caregivers, whoever. Their wells often run low and sometimes the smallest gestures can fill them back up. So try to remember those people, if any, in your life this season. Something that may seem like no big deal to us may be a big fucking deal to them.

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