This was one of the first times I witnessed what women can do when they fight for what’s right, even if it pisses off a few boys.
I’d worked at Taos Ski Valley for years but my department was run by a guy I was super intimidated by, who always acted like a dick, and who made me feel not at all respected. Not uncommon in the service industry. He also gave special privileges to his homies, which all of us ladies would notice and sometimes bitch about. Then, one winter, everything changed when they hired a badass feminist from the east coast as one of our servers (she’s not pictured cuz she quit after she set the patriarchy on fire lol). She kept saying to us girls “This shit is so fucked up! It’s not fair how the women are picking up the slack for the guys, getting screwed out of good shifts, and yet the boys are getting free drinks and all this other crap. Fuck THIS.” 
At this point in my life I was pretty good at just accepting things I didn’t know how to change. But sometimes you need to change things regardless. Even if it means risking your job. So this little warrior from the east coast took notes the whole season. She wrote down all the details and places and dates when that behavior was happening. And then at the end of the season, she went to HR and told them everything. They interviewed all the women and I remember sugar-coating my answers about my manager cuz I felt bad for him and I didn’t want to be a little snitch. That and I was being interviewed by THE guy who was the biggest problem. 
They fired the dude at the top and replaced him and the manager with two of the most competent, caring, amazing bosses I’ve ever worked for. They happened to be women. And they worked their asses off. This picture was taken the year after all that shit went down. I don’t remember having a job since where I was so close to my coworkers and bosses. We worked SO WELL as a team cuz everything trickles down from the top. Always. ALWAYS. (Another reason why Trump terrifies me). My manager even fought that year to close the restaurant on Christmas cuz she knew nobody would eat there and she wanted all of us to be with people we loved since none of us could go home for Christmas.
Since then I have always made it a point to try to fight for what’s right whenever possible, though it’s not always easy and I’m not always successful. I also made it a point to have lots of women friends in my life, even though male friendships are also super important to me. And finally, to always have a feminist female mentor. Someone who’s older than me who has more experience at navigating through this sexist world with grace and love and FIRE. They inspire me, give me courage, and remind me of what I deserve. And, in turn, my job is to be that for the women who come after me.

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