Dancing to Techno Is Keeping Me Sane


I used to wake up every morning and dance to techno cuz no matter what’s happening in life or what crazy state the world is in, you just can’t get off to a bad start when you are experiencing joy first thing in the morning. I also dance to techno when I’m writing and I’m stuck and can’t figure out a part of the story. Something about thrusting my hips releases that shit. Sounds kooky I know but it’s true. ANYWHO, I’m gonna start dancing every morning again like I used to cuz I hate waking up and thinking first thing “what the fuck a nazi is gonna be advising our racist rapey president now?! What next!!!?” I just can’t wake up like that anymore and yet I do and it’s killing me. So maybe you too can think of something that brings you joy and then cling to that shit like your life depends on it. And when you’re done go call your fucking senators or protest or take some action if you can so that you don’t feel so helpless. 
Also, I had to mute the music cuz FB says it violates copyright laws. Sorry! Also, I’ve never let anyone see this private little thing I do to make life seem okay no matter what so it’s kind of embarrassing (I wouldn’t even let my ex watch me do this. I’d go out back cuz it’s for me not anyone else). But I thought maybe I’d share it cuz it might inspire others who need their little thing that brings them joy. We all could use some coping mechanisms right now. (Except people happy about the election. You don’t need to do so much to not want to curl up and take Sleeping pills. But. I encourage you to dance regardless! It’s fun!)

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