I thought going to the desert for a few days would make me feel better…

When all else fails, the desert makes you feel better right? 

…Until, that is, you get to the place you’re staying way the fuck out there on washboard roads and you park and hear a hissing sound and realize there’s a nail in your tire and you have no cell service and you’re gonna be screwed if you don’t get this truck back to town before the air is gone cuz the rust is so bad on your tires it takes two people to change one and you can’t call AAA without cell service. But I made it to Garry’s tire shop JUST in time! 
The lesson here? My survival instincts are still on point and when the shit hits the fan, I still jump onto solution mode like in my days past. Given the political climate, this actually makes me feel way better than just being in the desert. 

Cheers to finding solutions and taking action! 

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