Protesting is Fun




I didn’t put much thought into my sign lol

A lot of people are afraid to protest cuz they think it will be an angry mob mentality or something but that’s actually the opposite of what this protest is about. Yes, we’re angry and afraid back at home. But here we have found our tribe, so it’s nothing but pure joy. Because we are not alone. There are people who care as deeply as we do about something. It’s moving, inspiring, and a great channel for your frustration at feeling so fucking powerless to change anything at all. Join a protest. It’s way better than Prozac.

I don’t hate Donald Trump the man (though I don’t like him one bit) and I don’t hate the people who voted for him. My family members did, afterall. I believe the world we live in that had a need for someone like Trump to exist says a lot about where we are as a society. People are suffering and they’re scapegoating and he represented some kind of change because he’s not a politician at all. He knows nothing about politics. I get why that might be appealing to some. But I don’t agree with anything he wants to do, so until we figure out how to fix this mess, I will defend the people under attack with everything I have. I came to this protest not to change anything really, but to send a message to those who are most vulnerable to hate crimes and deportation and such: I am here, ready to stand and fight with you to protect your rights until we figure out what the fuck else we’re gonna do.

Babies against bigots! 
Just… Yuck!

Not sure if this is true but it’s hilarious  
I love these women

Kids make protests better

I’ve heard he can’t read (or just refuses to)

These people at work stood and watched us march by and showed solidarity

Lots of people here are calling for a Cal-exit



This part made me cry. I’ve never heard a group of men yell about women’s right to choose. They will protest almost any other thing but that it seems. But today things are different I guess. Thanks, men. It sure is easier having you voices so we can take occasional breaks.


(Downtown Los Angeles)

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