White Girls Have Always Put Dick Before Chick

So why is everyone blaming white women for Trump?

Cuz we’ve always put white dick before black chick.

In 2001, I spent a whole year working on a senior thesis for my history degree at the University of Montana. It was on the women’s suffrage movement (Yay, grrrrl power, yaaaaay!) and why on earth it took like seventy years to get’er done. But about halfway into my research, I had to change the focus and rename it to“Racism in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.” Because what I learned from all my studies was that even the nicest, most well-intentioned white lady will gladly throw women of color under the bus in order to keep our positions of power. Especially over them.

Wait-what? But feminists love ALL women!

Pffff. Not really.

Not historically at least.

And still not now even. We love our men folk more (unless you’re a lesbian, in which case you’re totally fucked) and the patriarchy has always made women choose which we would rather be- women or white wome?

Well if it means we get keys to the palace or not, white of course.

Part of this nonsense is because of the culture we were born into, which conditions us lily white ladies to believe we are superior to people of color (though we would never call ourselves racist! We’re not monsters! Only monsters are racists!) And the other part is not totally our fault. Women have always been second class citizens in the U.S. with zero power and there’s just no way around it. But at least being related to a white man or fucking one or marrying one always gave us SOME power and that sure felt nice. We’d much rather sleep with the enemy than fight him, even if it means we hate ourselves at the end of the day.

During those SEVENTY years that suffragists were trying to convince their dickhole husbands and daddies and brothers to let them vote, they were also fighting each other out on the picket lines. Some thought it was super wrong to screw over their women of color comrades. So they fought long and hard to get the vote for every woman. Some knew it was totally messed up to fight for white women’s suffrage alone…. but to them it seemed the only practical approach. I mean, their husbands were too douchey to let EVERYONE have rights. And these women knew their menfolk were already pissed they’d been strong-armed into letting black men vote awhile back. So white women got lazy and didn’t want to hear “Jesus, what else do you hoebags want now?!” Instead they chose being total biznatches to their black sisters, but promised, “We’ll come back for you, I swear!” Yeah right. (There’s good reason why black people don’t trust white women. Just google “white women” and “lynching”). And then, finally, SOME white women, especially in the south were all, “Fuck that! We don’t want black women voting! Then we’ll be EQUALS, for heaven’s sake!”


This was a very real debate back then and totally plagued the whole movement. But the same could be said about now. Even though we’re a little more subtle about it with our PC talk, the ideologies themselves still dominate the movement. Our sisters have been trying to bring it to our attention for a long time now but we’re too afraid of being called racist to listen.

So, for those of you who are pissed off at all these articles that keep shaming white women for letting Trump win, stop being all defensive for a minute and do your research. Cuz we really need to talk about this! There’s no reason why that sexist pig should have won 53% of the female vote and yet he did. A lot of people, especially liberals, are so confused by this. No need to be. It’s simple. This is our track record- a long history of deep-seeded, unconscious racism under the surface or feminism.

It’s okay to admit this terrible crap, ladies! You don’t have to hate yourself or shed white tears over it. Sure, it’s not something to be proud of, but if we can’t admit what we’ve done and continue to do, nothing will ever change. We’ve got to be willing to put our egos aside for a minute and listen to what our sisters of color have been trying to tell us all along. Because until we stop kissing the asses of the very white men who’ve got their boots on our necks, none of us will truly feel free.


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