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  1. Jessica Heismerna says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I cannot even believe how much of it rings true for me. My husband has been gradually exhibiting more and more abusive tendencies. This month he finally shoved me. And hurt my dog. Unfortunately, I do have children and he controls our money so leaving is going to be a tricky thing. Your story has helped me voice why I hesitate leaving (beyond the logistical obstacles). Thank you for helping me feel un-alone for a few minutes.

    1. melaniehamlett says:

      Thanks for listening and reaching out. I hope you are able to figure out a way to safety. In my experience, things always get worse, never better (unless the abuser gets help). There’s tons of resources out there for you. There are nonprofits that can advise you on how to get out safely and help you figure the logistics out. Feel free to friend me on fb and if you want, I can try to find some resources for you. You’re not alone. Your loved ones want you safe. Your kids need you safe. So if you can’t find the strength to do it for yourself, I hope you find a safe way to do what you need to that’s best for them and their safety. But this shit is NOT easy. I know! Wishing you lots of luck and power, sista.

      1. jessica says:

        I would love to be your friend on fb! But, I don’t think he would approve and it would probably be awkward to explain how I “met” you… 😉 thank you though! I am working on getting away, it just might take time.

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