I Can’t Figure Out What My Dad’s Supposed to be For Halloween 

So Derek threw a Halloween party today at the memory care center for all the residents and their family members, including grandkids. He brought costumes for all the patients as well as candy, fried Oreos, and homemade cupcakes. He even had a cake walk and “table trick or treating,”which involved pushing their walkers or rolling their wheelchairs around the dining room to different tables. Mind you, my dad is NOT participatory by nature (just watch the video below of that AMAZING karaoke set I did at the memory care center and what a stick in the mud he was about it lol), and yet somehow Derek got my dad to wear this silly hat today! I love this man so much. He takes such good care of my father and gets him to do stuff none of us ever would be able to do.

Also, that black eye is not part of his nonsensical costume, unfortunately.  No, my dad fell in the bathroom in the middle of the night the other day and hit his face on the counter. The good news is he doesn’t remember any of it and never ever looks in a mirror, so he has no idea how awful he looks. We’re certainly not going to remind of it.

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