A Fan of My Risk Story Wants to Tattoo Me for Free

This sweet angel I’ve never met wrote me a super personal message on FB and thanked me for my story on Risk! and then asked if she could give me a free tattoo the next time I’m in NYC.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Because, you see, awhile ago I got fired from my dumb waitressing job at a BBQ joint because of a bad Yelp review  from a super bored human being. I allegedly “water-shamed” my customers  by asking them if everyone really wanted the “waters all around” their alpha male had just ordered for his table of ten (they almost never drink it). I mean California is in a severe drought and I’m an environmentalist so, yeah, I probably did say it with a judgey tone lol. But still… c’mon! Since then, though, I haven’t been able to find consistent work and I’ve been kinda losing my shit. It’s been almost 2 months now and no one will hire me in the normal work force cuz they all google me and see I’m a shameless *slut* who talks about sex a lot on stage and has other “inappropriate content” online.

One company finally offered me a job as a tutor… and then recanted two days later after googling me. They said they’d hire me if I took all “that stuff” down off the Internet. No way, man! That’s ten years of my work out there! Friends have suggested maybe I change my name to get a job. Ha! For one that pays shit?!  I wouldn’t even change my name to get married lol.


So anywho, I’m in a rough patch right now and have been super frustrated. Especially since I love to work. I have too much energy to me unemployed. I tell you what, unemployment  robs you of not only a sense of security but of value and purpose too. And that starts to take a toll on you after awhile. But all this crazy amount of love and support from total strangers that I’ve been bombarded with these last three days has been totally keeping me afloat and I am so so grateful for it.  Chin up, Melanie!
Go see @jandadrawsstuff on Instagram. Or in person if you live in NYC. She’s my home girl now.


The world is good, you guys.


(She gave me permission to use this photo btw)

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