VIDEO: My Dad Hates the Music Man at the Memory Center



Thursday’s are when Mr. Jerry comes to sing songs for the residents. My dad is not a fan. “Who’s this jerkwad?” my dad asked every five minutes. And then he’d say “I don’t want to listen to this shit.” The thing he says at the end of this clip is the greatest. Jerry was fantastic but my dad is a tough crowd.

The staff here love my dad’s sense of humor and tease him about it. Today they gave him a big bowl of vegetables as a joke as his lunch. He said “I’m not eating that bullshit,” and they all laughed. I’ve never seen my dad eat a vegetable in my whole life. Some things will never change.
Also, that thing Jerry does with his lips is amazing.

Also, one of the adorable ladies here asked Mr. Jerry where he was from. He said Nashville then asked her. She said Missouri. Then he played a song about Missouri dedicated to her and at the end she clapped and said. “Where you from?” And they had the same conversation three more times and she couldn’t believe the “coincidence” that he played a song about Missouri. This is just as comical as it is sad.

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